In need of maintenance

I spoke to the Garage that are looking after our bus yesterday to find out how things are going to find out they are still awaiting a new fuel tank and at this stage they don’t even have a date for it’s arrival. Then last night I went to visit a friend to get new brakes fitted to my car, it just struck me how so often things need maintenance, whether it be a motor vehicle, a computer, the house or whatever. Last week I was at the Matrix conference, this was a wonderful opportunity for me to get some maintenance, for those of us involved in ministry we seem to spend so much time giving out, I can’t remember the last time I went to church for me to commune with God rather than to work (or look after my own children). Matrix was great and as Ever Tony Campolo as a speaker was superb and very challenging, but more than that was the value in the time spent with others, whether spent getting to know colleges or talking about some of the challenges and inspirations of the conference the time was of great value and I thank all of those I spent time with, friend both old and new.

I suppose the main difference between myself and the bus (that’s a strange way to start a sentence but bare with me) is the bus is awaiting a new fuel tank because it leaked, for me, I suppose my prayer is that some of the fuel that I have received will leak out and can passed on to others who also need some routine maintenance.

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