The good, the bad and the blog.

Having now been in blogger land for three days there are a couple of things that have struck me. Firstly the good, this is a fantastic way of communicating/sharing/getting feedback on ideas and from having spent a little time looking at the discussions going on I can really see the benefit of some of these discussions, I nearly even joined one but felt a bit too shy! Secondly the bad, I can see that there could be a need for a ‘bloggers anonymous’ type group, maybe its because I’m a newbie but I can really see that you could get addicted to this and while that might help you to think through all kinds of different issues it wouldn’t necessarily help you much in the real world, I think that that with a little self discipline the good probably out ways the bad.

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One thought on “The good, the bad and the blog.

  • February 17, 2005 at 10:43 am

    So, having blogged a while are you ready to be launched on the world via the blogosphere of Deep Thought?


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