This week I (and Stephen, local Baptist Youth Worker) am doing assemblies in the local secondary school (all but this morning), they also happen to have Ofsted in this week. Yesterday we arrived to find out the inspector would be I our assembly so we ran! No not really we carried on as normal, the inspector came to speak to us after and he seamed very nice, quite positive in what he said, he did just make one suggestion, while I could see where he was coming from I think he had possibly slightly lost touch with the real world plus responded to quickly. The main point of his suggestion was that we left a minutes silence at the end to encourage the young people to think about an aspect of what we had said. Whilst I could see the point he was making, we were bang on the button for timing, is he suggesting that we should have over run, assemblies are very rarely long enough to enable such aspects to be included.
The other point I think I would argue was that he was to quick to make his ‘informed decision’ Our theme had been discrimination, we had finished up by talking about positive and negative discrimination, ie we can look at someone for what they can’t do or we can look at them for what they can, his suggestion then was that we should have given them a minute to think about how they had discriminated against others in the past, surly with a bit more time to think and formulate comments, he should have realised that had we had the luxury of time to allow them to think it would have been more productive to get them to think about when they had been discriminated against, to get someone to think about how they treat people can be quite difficult to challenge them on why they should change, get them to think about how they felt when it happened to them and surely you have a much greater chance of them understanding the negative affect they can have and hopefully do something about it!
All the best to FCC this week.

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  • March 16, 2005 at 11:25 am

    Well Done for not running away. It is a scary thing to have any sort or assessors evaulating your work but when they are evaluating external visitors in schools it seems a little unfair.
    Space and quiet with YP’s would be a good thing but I think that in a minutes silence their minds would be on the next lesson or break time not the previous assembly.
    He should have praised you that you held their attention as long as you did and not place ridiculous impossible expectations on you. Mind you he is only doing his job – I personally wouldn’t want a job that was about finding fault.


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