I’m sorry I’ve been so slack, life has been crazy and I don’t seam to have had time for all the things I have needed to do and unfortunately although I consider my blog important it doesn’t quite hit necessity. So what has been happening, well loads but just a few highlights:-
Last week we had a confirmation service, we had 6 young people from our own church and 3 adults so that was great, Bishop Stephen (bishop of Reading) was on top form and delivered a superb message.
Other major event was the bus which I finally got to MOT yesterday and it passed, we just need to do a little tidying up and should be back on the road next week.
On top of all that I have been doing has been the building excitement as we draw ever closer to Thursday and an event that I have been waiting for for the past 20 years or so. The day will change the lives of many people I believe although I unfortunately have to wait until Wednesday 4th May before I get the full benefit and final see H2G2 the movie. Words cannot describe the anticipation, the excitement and the slight concern that the name Disney brings me although all reports so far are very good.
I am now going to watch the preview from the Times ‘The month’ disk that came out this Sunday and no doubt I shall be back to blog some more about life the universe and youthwork type stuff again in the not too distant future (at least not as long as I have left it over the past few weeks!)
For now I leave you with one question and one piece of advice:-
What’s this fish doing in my ear?
Where every you are, where ever you go, what ever you do, don’t forget your towel!

My Hero! Marvin the Paranoid Android

One thought on “Slacking

  • April 27, 2005 at 3:47 pm

    Glad to have you back, you slacker!

    I’m going to see it on Friday YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!


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