Foolin’ around

Over the past couple of months I have met a number of people who make a living from being a clown/jester that kind of thing, using a mixture of juggling/circus skills and magic (illusion for those of you who don’t like the word magic). The most recent was this Sunday I met Juggling John, I was introduced to him by the vicar of a local church, who slowly began to look more and more worried as Juggling John and I talked about the different things we do, he also used to be a church based youth worker before leaving his last post to become a full time entertainer, He was also the second of the three I have met who was a Christian.
Personally I tend to think of my self as a fool as apposed to a jester or clown but they are all pretty much the same thing really, it does strike me as a great way to earn a living, although I personally believe it can also be a great way to evangelism. It can be a great way to grab attention and get people listening, also workshops are a great way of building up trust among young people which means they are much more receptive when you start to talk to them about your faith, they have already learnt to trust you.

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