Fresh expressions?

What is the definition of church? A friend of mine was recently at a meeting where there was much talk about fresh expressions and many people trying to get funding for their fresh expressions, This friend was there partly on behalf of our bus project. Of over 30 fresh expressions represented only 2 were from a rural environment, why is this? Is this right? People have this idea that the rural church is stuck with the 1662 still but it’s not the case and I believe that big city churches have plenty to learn from their smaller rural brothers and sisters.

Anyway to my point whilst many consider taking a bus and a group of Christians to a group of young people who have nothing to do, to show them Gods love and compassion etc and provide them with something to be a Fresh Expression of Church, after all didn’t Jesus go to those who were in need of something? It seems we will not be eligible for a grant because we don’t have baptism. Now I have a lot of respect for the Bishop, he is a good chap but I’m just not sure how to react to this idea that you are not an expression of church unless there is a place for baptism.

Should I get a font on the bus?

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