Reactive or Proactive

This is something that came to me the other night when I was struggling to get to sleep. The question is are we reactive or proactive in our ministry, I think for many of us we try to be proactive when we should be being reactive. What do I mean well we concentrate so much on what we are trying to do, on the groups we have or we feel we should have, the events that are taking place, maybe things we inherited when we came into post, trying to be proactive in driving things forward in our ministry. But by doing this which may to many seem to be the way to go we miss out on reacting to what God is doing, we concentrate so much on what we are doing that we forget to look to what God is doing, we get so bogged down in what we normally do that we don’t even make the time to reflect on what God is doing. I don’t know maybe this is just me but it has got me thinking that I need to programme more time for rather than planning etc but reflecting, maybe taking myself off somewhere for a day to reflect and pray on what God is doing rather than what I am doing! Now I’ve written it I’ll have to make sure I do it!

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  • September 5, 2005 at 8:58 am

    oi, you! blog!blog!blog!

    No pressure!


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