So I have been invited to become a reluctant blogger, I’m not sure if this is comment on the frequency with which I sometimes blog or what. I thought the first thing was to have a look at what was going on, as to be honest I wasn’t sure I should commit time to another blog, then I thought maybe that’s the point, perhaps my reluctance means I should be a reluctant blogger! Anyway the bottom line is after having a look, it all sounds quite exciting really, a community blog, the community being that of the bloggers rather than any other form of community, and so far at least a community therefore of Christians who I guess all find something helpful through blogging, this is something I want to be a part of so why not come and have a look at what is going on!

As for me I am getting ready for a few days away, this morning I shall be trying to formulate my reply to the question posed in my previous post, that’s to all those who have commented, emailed or chatted, I shall post my reply here (or at east a link depending on the length) once complete.

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