The joys as a project such as this!

I’m not sure I really have a lot to say, it is currently 11pm on Friday evening, I am sitting on the bus, cold, waiting for a tow truck. One of the joys is that when you have a bus of a certain age it will inevitably go wrong every now and then, and now is one of them. I have just been out running a good session in one of the villages we cover, we had some really good conversations with them this evening and then on the way home I got about a mile outside the village and lost all power. Needles to say sitting in the middle of nowhere on a November evening, with no heating or anything (apart from thankfully my coat!) I am now getting rather cold, and a little board. I have tried playing around with some web design but don’t have the books I need with me!

Finally got home about 11:35 last night, the bus abandoned in a car park just down the road from my house. Hopefully we can get it fixed for Monday when we are due to next take it out, the local bus company think they have the part we need (fortunate as they are hard to come across because of the age, they needed one over the summer and happened to order a spare!) Anyway thanks to Bob for the rescue, sorry to get you out of bed and lets hope we keep going a bit longer!

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