The Talented Mrs Faulks PT2 + the weekend

The busy weekend actually ended up starting on Friday night in the end, thinking I was going to have a quite Friday evening as we had had to cancel the trip with the bus due to a lack of volunteers. The I discover that I can’t get any long trousers for my second stilt walker for Saturday afternoon. The talented Mrs Faulks though came to the rescue and spent a couple of hours finding fabric and putting together a new pair of trousers. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture but thank you Gill it was great and there would just have been me stilt walking without your help.
As for the weekend it went well although as a said busy, in about 4½ hours stilt walking I made over 100 balloon models which was great and kept me warm during the afternoon. Sunday mornings preach also went well, it was a strange one, I don’t get to preach anywhere near as often as I used to so I found myself feeling a little nervous before hand, also it was one of those as I wrote it I felt quite good about it, I then read through it again just before finishing work on Friday evening and just felt it didn’t really do anything but I couldn’t spend time reworking it, when it came to Sunday morning though it seamed to go well, John the Baptist, a great passage. It was a pleasure to be over in Shrivenham, thank you for the work welcome.

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