And then there was light.

Well finally found the problem, it looks like a part of the problem we have is a very damp bus and electricity don’t mix strangely enough! The lighting on the bus is all 12 volt halogen lamps so the power has to go through a transformer and when they get wet they go wrong. So the bus is now fixed although not quite back together. Next week it goes in to have some heating installed downstairs so when we start up again next term it should be a little warmer (although I think a coat will still be a good idea especially for upstairs.)

Also this week, was supposed to meet up with youthblog and Theobloby on Wednesday but it all fell through for a number of reasons (the bus being one of them) so sorry I didn’t meet you Michael and I wanted to know if you are pink with yellow spots as well? Never mind hope you enjoy your visit to these shores.

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