Great night out.

Last night we went out for Gills Birthday (today) two things that made it really great, firstly it was the first time we had been to the cinema together since Bridget Jones two so it was great to be able to go out together. Secondly we saw Chronicles of Narnia, not being a great reader of book (major understatement) I found this great, I remember seeing the TV series several years ago and I seem to recall enjoying it but the film was something else, it even makes me want to read the book, don’t know if it will happen but I believe we have a copy somewhere in the house, if you haven’t seen it yet then you really should, it was awesome.

One thought on “Great night out.

  • January 18, 2006 at 10:32 am

    You could always take a slightly different tactic and get Gill to read them to you (I have friends who are married to each other who do that!) or you could get an audio book thingy. There MUST be plenty out at the mo for the Narnia series!


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