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Last week I stumbled upon this great plugin for Firefox (so sorry if your not a Firefox user, but you really should try it!) it’s called stumble upon, it gives you an extra bar at the top of the window, you can choose from a selection of 500 categories and then when you have some spare time (alright then when you looking for a distraction as we don’t have spare time) you click ‘stumble’ and it will take you to a site that someone else has recommended under one of your categories, you then get an option to give it a thumbs up or down and it learns the kind of thing you like, you can of course also add your own site or blog and then others will be brought in who happen to be looking at the categories you have entered it under

One thought on “Stumble upon

  • January 30, 2006 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks Sime for this I will give this a go, when I have time.
    Keep up the blogging
    (Love to Gill)


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