Soul Net 1

Well back from Soul Net, I have to say it was a fantastic time, it was said during the event that part of the aim was to focus on the youth worker rather than the youth work and I think this was pulled off brilliantly, I feel refreshed and fed which is what I needed, it was also great to be there with Gill and the boys and to get to spend time as a family just enjoying each others company and messing about in the swimming pool (and I don’t even like swimming particularly!) I have written some thoughts on the first seminar which I will post up some time tomorrow, I also wrote some notes during one of the seminars (something I never do) I shall type them up and post them soon as well.
I must just say hi to all those I caught up with a bit while there, it was great to see you all, so hi to Andy, Mary, Milly, Hannah, Jimmy, Debs, Andy, Lee, Margie and Eric Bone (fantastic to see you after all these years!), John, also Nathan who came with us and it was great to get to know Jammy, Emma and Molly a bit, your all great people and I/we loved spending time with you, God bless you all!
Just on one quick final note, I mentioned the other day possible interruptions in service, it is going to happen soon, not sure exactly when but in the next few days hopefully, if you cant find the blog or emails bounce back leave it a while and try again it will all come back to the same address! Cheers

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