I don’t normally work on a Saturday but this week I am, so I’m here in my office above one of the churches in the town, downstairs the hall is being used for a child’s birthday party, complete with cheesy DJ playing at the moment ‘cotton eye Joe’ and there have been plenty of other such classics (I use this word lightly) Needles to say concentrating is not all that easy and I’m beginning to get a headache.
Sorry not to have written much this week, there is stuff to come I have a couple of bits building up just not had a chance to post it yet but what is looking like a great rant coming on the joys of waiting for a parcel!
Oh no Is this the way to Amarillo, I hate that song and I’m sure he’s turned the volume up! I would trip the fuse if it were not in the same room as they are! HELP now the kids are shouting along as well somebody save me!!!!!!

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