It feels to me somewhat like for the past three weeks, when I have not been working I have been looking at cars and so last night my wife and I getting somewhat bored of this but yet still not having found the right car were being a little silly and ended up asking WWJD What Would Jesus Drive? The issue for us is with child number three rapidly approaching we NEED a bigger car, so there are questions like how much bigger? If we buy such and such will we find in 6 months time it’s not big enough, but bigger = more money, so then do we go older with more miles on the clock and save a bit of cash (especially considering the hike in insurance for a bigger car) or do we buy something that’s a bit more but should last longer/have fewer problems? I don’t know, it’s deadline decision on one today so it’s just going through my head so thought I would share it with you. Maybe once it’s decided I will get around to blogging about something more interesting or maybe I’ll just get around to the piece on Argos deliveries I keep mentioning?

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