Vicar school

This is a post from yesterday but blogger was down when I tried to post it, so hear it is a day late.

Today I was supposed to be meeting up with some students from vicar school on the bus to tell them about the work I do, this was a day out to learn about rural ministry and multi parish benefices, but needless to say the bus is off the road and so it had to be a power point in my office rather than a hands on bus experience. Anyway it seemed to go well and it’s great to see collages looking at this side of ministry, so much talk and action within the church is around suburbia and urban priority areas, there are very few curacies available in rural parishes and I think many ministers for whom there experience has been one large church are frightened by the idea of a few small churches, I believe this can lead to both the churches and the ministers missing out. So it was a great session and good to see them taking an interest in this much overlooked area of ministry not to mention a great pub lunch which is also a very key part of rural ministry!

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