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I have too apologise that I have not written for over a week, last week was just crazy, I had plenty to write about but just no time to do it, this week isn’t looking much better I’m afraid, that’s partly why I’m writing now as I may not manage it again this week. A couple of highlights from last week:-
Wednesday I had a quite day, something I don’t do anywhere near often enough, got the bike out pumped the tyres and dusted off the cobwebs, rode up onto white horse hill (well I actually walked up the hill, it’s very steep and this was the first time the bike had been out since last year!) from here I could see much of the deanery so a great place to go and pray about vision for my ministry, spent several hours on the hill reading my bible, praying writing stuff down (and a little bit of sleeping!) I then got back on the bike and rode round a few of the villages I work in, a great day that left me feeling spiritually refreshed (although I think I need to do more) and very unfit!
Thursday We had Bishop Stephen (Bishop of Reading) in the Deanery, at lunch time he came on the bus at the secondary school, it was great to have him come and see the work we are doing and chat with some of the young people, I hope he enjoyed the visit as much as we did!

This week has several meetings but I shall also be finishing off my prep for Yellow Braces, youth retreat this weekend at which I am speaking, really looking forward to it as this will be my first time at YB, please pray for the weekend that we all have a good safe time and we all (young people and leaders) get to meet with God.

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