death threats against Jamie Oliver?

Yesterday was our first visit into the local secondary school since the law has changed about the sale of sweets, now don’t get me wrong I think this is a good idea and I had often felt guilty about the amount of junk we sold to the young people in the school but needless to say the move was not popular and several young people were making death threats on Jamie Oliver.
The problem I am having is finding realistic affordable alternatives, or even advice on what particular things are acceptable, I’m sure there are some things that if your read the blurb may sound fine (fruit winders for instance) that the young people will tell me are fine and they like and they say things like 70% fruit, but the trouble is they are also 30% sugar which I think then defeats the object. And what you get as regular health food snacks cost a lot more money, why spend 30p on a 20g bag of raisins when you could get a 20g bag of haribo for 10p. Does anyone else have these issues, I appreciate that not everyone is trying to run something like a tuck shop in a school, if anyone has found reasonably priced healthy snacks for a tuck shop type setting I would love to know where.


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  • September 15, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    Yes we have the same problem. I’ve offered grapes and satsumas as an alternative at our youth club but it proved much more expensive and worse still either it all went really quickly or if we had left overs we just couldn’t use them the next time.

    When we do cocktails I now try and make them “healthy” so fewer additives more milk and fresh fruit.

    I think perhaps the best strategy is just to opt instead NOT to provide anything. Why are we encouragin the EATING BETWEEN MEALS thing anyway?

  • September 25, 2006 at 2:30 pm

    i dont think eating between meals is a particular problem, the issue is more WHAT we are eating between meals. In our youth club i also have an issue with supplying kids with cheap sugar comas for two reasons; 1. its just not healthy and 2. we get the four thirty rush where half the kids in the place suddenly go hyperactive from the lethal doses of sugar they just consumed.
    Fortunately this seems to be followed by the five o’clock crash where their bodies collapse from a mixture of insulin kicking in and the exhaustion of their limited energy supplies (mainly due to that sugar and junk provide fast burn energy that runs out quickly)


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