The Dave Walker Guide to the Church

Finally got hold of Dave’s book at the end of last week and I have to say it is hilariously funny (even my mother in-law thought so!) if you have ever asked questions about the Church especially the Church of England or wondered about some of the strange traditions then this book has the definitive answers, well the funny ones anyway the only negative comment I can make about it is that you should not have this book anywhere near where you work as it will distract you and you will spend the afternoon laughing instead of working! Click on the title to find out where you can get a copy or use the details below to order it from a local book shop, for those of you looking for more ideas for Christmas presents for those too old for the CD’s mentioned below this book has to be a good choice for anybody involved in church life!

Author: Dave Walker
ISBN: 185311779x
Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich

One thought on “The Dave Walker Guide to the Church

  • September 29, 2006 at 10:32 am

    Thanks Simon for the great review. Really glad you enjoyed it.

    All constant barking has now been forgiven.


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