Straight Jacket Escape – Flying Cat Circus

I don’t know about you but I find you tube can be quite helpful, I can see that it could become a distraction but I think when you are looking for ideas and inspiration it can be a good place. For example as many of you will know from a post a made a few months back I now have a straight Jacket from which to escape, this has two purposes really:
1. It can be use to get a message across.
2. Two it can be used as part of a performance, especially as either a crowd puller or as a show ender.
So I was looking up how other people do Straight Jacket performances and I cam across this one and just loved it, it’s the kind of thing you see and you just wish you could take credit for something like that (or at least I do)
Be warned it is 5 1/2 mins long!

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