The question is where is it? is it where you live? Is it where your parents live? Is it where you grew up? Well in many respects I suppose it can be all of them, for me when I think most about home I think about Mulbarton, the place I spent my life between the ages of 8 and 22. Last week we went home for a few days (of course it’s only home for me as neither Gill or my children have ever lived there) and it was great, it was a year since we last got up to Norfolk and things they are a changing, firstly the village where did that round about come from? And how come the road now goes left into Long Lane instead of through the bends and into the rosary? And what is going on with those new houses, they look very nice but out of place, they belong in a town somewhere not a small village. Apart from that it was great to be home, and I still feels like home, despite having moved away to collage in 95 I can still go for a walk and will usually meet people I know (even if I do forget their names, sorry Alice). It was great to see old friends, visit God Children and I’m sorry for those I didn’t manage to see, it’s very difficult finding the balance between visiting people and actually getting a bit of a rest. It was also great to get into Norwich, now I’m not a fan of shopping but if I have to go Norwich would be my preference every time (although it’s getting busier) there are more new shops but the good old favourites there is something about it, there is now huge choice but it is still the place I know where to get what I want even Gill now starts thinking after walking around shops not finding what we want we know exactly where we would go in Norwich. On top of all this we went to a Jim Bailey Praise part on the Saturday evening which was great and then back to my old Church in Mulbarton on Sunday Morning more catching up with old friends and feeling as always when we go excitement about the amount of new people we don’t know but also like it’s somewhere we fit in and feel at home as if we haven’t been away, this is for Gill to (I think). Anyway a great few days.
Upon returning home I had a letter to say my paper and everything was alright and I shall be licensed this coming Sunday so that’s good, looking forward to it.
Now just to get on with everything else!

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