A busy weekend

This weekend has been somewhat busy, Friday saw my parents and brother arrive, that night I was out working, Zac had a friends birthday party. Saturday saw another party at lunch time for Zac at a local play place then the late afternoon was Birthday party time for both Zac and Jonah (it was actually Jonah’s birthday, Zac’s is tomorrow). At this I was obviously parent which is quite busy enough for a childes birthday party let alone a double but I was also the entertainer, which I have to say was great fun and has got one or two people interested in future bookings so that is good. Sunday was a little quieter but in some respects has the highlight of the year as Charys made her first distinguishable noise, dada, and she does seem to be using it to refer to me as well so big smiles on my face! My brother went home yesterday, mum and dad are around for Zac’s Birthday so that is really good.
I have been talking occasionally for some time about some changes here on the blog, well just to et you know, they and others are still in the pipeline so keep a watch out!

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