I started this blog back in February 2005, almost 2 years ago writing has been sporadic, comments have been rare (apart from entries referring to Fat and Frantic which are still getting hits and comments including now from two ex band members!) but today I have for the first time been spamed (fortunately it was on an old post so I doubt anyone would have found it plus it has been dealt with quite quickly!), needless to say it has been deleted (if you are after somewhere to get a good deal on certain prescription drug types I’m sorry you have come to the wrong place) for this reason it is time to turn on the security things to stop this sort of behaviour, it’s a shame because I personally don’t like them, largely because as a dyslexic I can actually find it quite difficult to work out what the letters and numbers are some times and it can take several attempts to get it right, so I’m sorry to have to do this but I can’t have SPAM!

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