Great deal on DTP software

I don’t know about you but I do quite a lot of Desk Top Publishing (DTP) flyers, invites, programmes, magazine articles etc. and despite never having liked the programme I generally use MS Publisher, this is for 2 reasons:- 1. I have it (it comes as part of the MS office Pro suite) 2. lots of people I have to exchange documents with also have it. One last reason for using it is because most of the decent alternatives are prohibitively expensive, or at least they have been until now but you’ll have to be quick. Quark express is a professional DTP package, up until a few years ago it was pretty much the only package used by the industry for newspapers & magazines etc. (although Adobe InDesign is now also very popular) Quark is currently up to version 7 but you can get version 5 on the cover of Computer Shopper this month for just £3.50 (CD version). If you want a powerful DTP package at a good price I cannot recommend this highly enough.
I should give Credit to Martin Lewis the money saving expert for this, his site is also well worth a look if you haven’t come across it before and his weekly emails can be useful if you like a bargain!

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