The Christmas txt.

Yesterday as our last group before Christmas we had mince pies and drinks and I set my group on the task of telling as much of the Christmas story as possible in a txt message format so 160 characters. I think they did quite well and it has given me some other ideas as well but that’s for another post!

I thought I would share the winning entry with you hear:-

“d bby Jsus wz brn in a stbl n mry n jo wr wid im d wis mn came n ofrd gfts n d shprds came n ofrd shp. d angls wr singin”

This entry coming in at just 120 characters so room to spare.

An honourable mention must go to my 2 assistant leaders yesterday, 1 for her grasp of txt language and the others for managing in 140 characters to get the story using proper words.

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