It only takes a few stupid people spoil it for others!

Yesterday was Gill’s birthday, I think she had a good day! we went out as a family for a meal in the evening which was really nice, a good local family restaurant but my meal which was very nice was slightly spoilt but a few stupid people. I like my steak to be shown the heat but not actually put it on! So I ordered my steak blue, to be told we can’t do blue steak! ‘WHAT!’ apparently the problem is too many people have ordered their steak blue and then complained because it wasn’t hot in the middle, I say it again ‘WHAT!’ people get real if you order a steak blue it means it’s still raw in the middle, heat cooks food, so a blue steak will not be hot in the middle, it is your moronic idea that you can have a blue steak HOT, when have you ever had hot raw food? Other than that it was a good meal and I ate way too much. Happy Birthday Gill.

One thought on “It only takes a few stupid people spoil it for others!

  • January 20, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    LOL – how ridiculous!
    It’s almost like someone ordering steak tartare and expecting it to be cooked.

    /me rolls eyes
    Some people


    (PS I don’t know you, but happy birthday for yesterday Gill :D)


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