A couple of days ago Ian over at youthblog posted about the question box his daughter had said they now had in their group at church, he went on to talk about questions you can read his post here. The reason for mentioning it was that it reminded me of a great question I was asked a few months ago by my (then) not quite 5 year old son. We were in the car driving back from somewhere when he suddenly asked me “Daddy did God make the whole world?” “yes” I replied, “does he make the world spin?” again I replied “yes”, “well how does he keep it spinning at night when he’s asleep?” I’m not sure how well he grasped the idea of God not sleeping I think it all seemed a bit much to his mind, haw can you not sleep, but it’s really encouraging as a parent to be asked these questions or hear your children asking them, it’s little insights into their minds but also the simplicity of their questions can sometimes get us thinking through things ourselves.

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