Happy Birthday & Top Gear

newlookYesterday was the second Birthday of OnMeBus and it was the day I was hoping to relaunch with the new look etc, however there have been a few set back but that should happen possibly later today but more likely early next week.

I also wanted to talk about Top Gear though. Yesterday also being Valentines Gill and I celebrated with a Chinese take away and watched Top Gear (how romantic I know, but then it was about 3 in the afternoon before we even remembered it was valentines!) This was a repeat of Sunday episode so if you saw it you will know what I am talking about if not you can see the relevant clip here (I would watch it no before you read on!) Now I know that a lot of Top Gear now is about stupid stunts etc but I felt this decorate each others cars to see if you can get the other arrested or shot was going too far and in poor taste only made worse by the fact that it is only a few months since Richard Hammond nearly lost his life filming for the show! But this act was set up to deliberately, deeply offend people, now some of their stunts have annoyed people, drive time radio show, road resurfacing, trying to play golf and keep arguing and holding up the whole course, but these were not offensive unlike this latest stunt in America, there was indeed one point where they did nearly get them selves caught by the locals who were not at all impressed. What’s more it had nothing to do with the cars or even what they were trying to show you could do (or not as the case turned out which was to do a fly drive holiday but buy a car instead of rent.) I personally think this was irresponsible and distasteful programming by the producers and the BBC and I was very disappointed that they would call this entertainment.

The slight redeeming aspect of the programme was finishing off in an area that a year ago had been hit by hurricane Katrina and they were supposed to be trying to sell the cars, however they were so hit by the devastation that still existed that they offered them to a local charity who put them in contact with local people who still had no car after the hurricane took everything they owned.

One thought on “Happy Birthday & Top Gear

  • February 19, 2007 at 5:47 pm

    Moved from old blog…

    Sarah Brush said…

    The trying to get each other SHOT went too far??? I though the cow rolling off the top of hte car really did it for me!

    I thought their reaction to the hurricane damage was all the mre powerful because you KNOW how silly these guys can be.

    By the way Simo, while I’m here. I deleted your new contact details cos you were sandwiched between some spam – sorry! Can I have em again??

    11:04 PM


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