in 10 years time

We have been sorting out some stuff at home recently, going through some of the boxes we still haven’t unpacked since we moved just over 2.5 years ago. I found some interesting bits of paper that I had forgotten about, I will share a few with you. The first was something we did during my first year at Bible collage, I thing it was latter in the year so we are talking around spring early summer 96. We did a where will you be in 10 years thing only we rote them about each other so here is a list of what the group thought I would be doing about now:-

In ten years time Simon will be:-
• Dr Simon Faulks (Very highly qualified)
• A Married Vicar in a band
• An organiser of music events and a reader in the CofE
• Long haired, with ear-rings, singing wherever he can get a gig
• The lead singer of a pop group called the “Plague” who will be world famous
• The next Martin Smith (I like this one but I wonder what they thought might have happened to him and also how I could be the next when I am actually older (if I remember correctly))
• A model for rainbow with George, Zippy and Bungle (where did that come from)
• Will still be wearing his hat (I do still wear it but not anywhere near as much as I used to, or should!)
• In a band called 3:16 and will play at gigs such as Living Water (Christian festival in Norfolk, I have done this one actually but I left the band to go to bible collage, this particular writer had been at the gig though!)
• After years of thought and preparation Simon will eventually dare to leave the house without wearing more than 12 colours on any garment. – Sadly I can still see him with a hat on.

I detect a bit of a theme here in that I am supposed to be in a band, I have to say I do wish I were but don’t really have the time at the moment, as for the hat, I still love my hats although at the time only had one a black Stetson style, I now have several hats many of which are quite wacky plus a brown Stetson leather style. As for the twelve colours I didn’t often wear that many colours together but yes I still do occasionally although in my defence it is now usually in the context of children’s work & clowning.
So if you found a similar piece of paper what would be on yours?

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