Fool in the School

tallThis week, the theme of the week for my sons class is clowns, so yesterday afternoon I went in to talk to them a little bit about the history of Clowning and do some clowning for them. I personally am more of a Jester than a clown, although to be awkward I refer to myself as a fool (yes I know thank you for that!) But like a Jester I tend not to paint my face (this is for 2 reasons,1. I am lazy 2. a painted face can be quite scary for little children). However my performances tie in a bit of clowning, a bit of illusion maybe some balloons etc. So yesterday I talked with them a little bit about the history of clowning and the different types of clowns. I showed them some of the props I use, including stilt trousers and several of my hats + wigs etc, did some juggling a couple of little magic tricks and then got a couple of them to come up and have a go at making balloon dogs. It all went very well, I had a great time and I think they did too, I finished up by making about 30 balloon dogs in around 20 mins so they all had one to take home while they tided up ready for story time and did some work sheets I had prepared getting them to think up their own clown names and design their own clown faces.
I have to say it was such good fun I think it is something o could offer more widely if I had the time to do it!

One thought on “Fool in the School

  • March 13, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    I bet that makes you like the COOLEST dad! Well done!

    I had a primary school afternoon this afternoon too – taking our local CofE round the church. It was great to have a load of them looking in awe at the stained glass windows. Though I could cope with slightly fewer “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Why does…???”.


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