HandcuffsThis week myself and my colleague from the Baptist Church are taking assemblies in the local secondary school, Monday was cancelled due to exams, so yesterday was our first one. The theme we have is peer pressure, we start the assembly with me being hand cuffed and talking about how pear pressure can trap us and that whilst sometimes it can be good quite often peer pressure is a negative influence as I talk about this Stephen (my Colleague) pokes me with a stick while suggesting several things I might like to do, all good fun (for him). The idea is that I then talk about the need to break free from peer pressure, however yesterday I failed to get out of the cuffs, I don’t know why I just could not get out and in the end had to get the keys out of my pocket (not easy with hands cuffed behind back and keys in front pocket) and then get Stephen to let me out. This morning I practiced a couple of times before the assembly to make sure it didn’t happen again. WE arrived at the school and went through to the hall to wait as usual but no-one turned up, we got up to leave and discovered that the hall we had walked through to get to the gym where we do our assemblies was being used for a different year group assembly so we couldn’t get out that way. The only trouble is that was the only way through to the gym block without going out of the building, but because no one had come into the block yet the other exits from the block were still locked Trapped again! We eventually got rescued when a PE teacher turned up.

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