A rant about the media

Well there has been loads happening and several things I want to write about so where to start, I could go with returning to my office to find 4 dead hornets on the floor and another one flying around, nice experience, but I won’t discuss that I think I’ll start by talking about the state of the British media. Now I have to say in all honesty that on Saturday the only news I heard on the radio or saw on the TV were national BBC stations so I can’t comment on others or the paper but for both of these the big headline was Prince William splitting up with his girlfriend after 6 years friends ship and 4 of those going out. Car bombs in Iraq were further down the list and the number of dead were just mentioned in passing almost, but price William had several different people as experts analysing the situation. Both of them are in there early 20’s now from my work I see young people who go in and out of relationships to well beyond this age, some times they can be together longer as well, it’s part of life, it happens, LEAVE THEM ALONE! To be honest I’m not that bothered about his relationships, yes I expect there will be a big deal made when he finally meets the right person and decides to get married, and maybe that is right, he is second inline and all that but let him have a life, he has been born into a family that automatically restricts him in so many ways, he did not chose the life in the lime light he has to lead and surly he deserves (and his friends/girlfriends for that matter) the right to be able to live with at least some aspects of normality, it makes no difference to us so give him some space, let him live his life, he will have enough to contend with in the future, so let him be a 20 something let him have friends, go out with people and get to know them without the pressure of someone always looking over his shoulder to tell the world.

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