This post is dedicated to my sister In-law

A busy but good Saturday, spent at the home of the above mentioned and that part ended with complaints about my last couple of posts not being interesting enough to her, I personally feel the complaint is a bit rich coming from someone who hasn’t posted for almost a month and that last post being the only one for almost 3 months! (Time to talk)
So anyway back to the point, it was actually my mother In-laws birthday on Saturday (along with my brothers and the Queen’s (well one of her’s anyway)) Happy Birthday one and all. So we went over to send the day with family, it was a really good day however I did learn one very important lesson. Having had a normal breakfast before leaving we then had a good cooked lunch (sausage and mash, which yes Marion did make a nice change from the chicken casserole or pizza). We then had a Birthday tea, with sarnies, followed by very nice fruit scones with fresh strawberries and cream and then birthday cake. All in all a good food day. However once returning home we had been invited out to a local restaurant run by some friends for a hog roast and me being me I can’t turn down a hog roast, this again more fantastic food. The lesson learnt? 4 meals in one day while nice you pay for it later! But hey it was good!

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