The joys of Microsoft!

On Monday this week I finally launched an updated version of the website I run for the Vale side of my work (although the look is only slightly different in the background everything is now run using php scripts and things which makes life much easier in the long run). I was really pleased with how it all turned out, I then downloaded a patch for Internet Explorer 7 and of course after installing it the web site didn’t work! AAGGGRRR!!! So thank you Microsoft your patch has also broken my RSS reader, I can read the headlines etc but if I try to click through to the actual web site I just get an error message, this is the second time an MS patch has done this although last time it managed to mess up links in emails as well but they still work this time. What makes it even worse is that I only have IE on my computer for testing purposes so I don’t even use it and it still manages to mess up my machine, I knew I should have brought a mac!

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