The Future

This morning I had an important meeting as I begin to think about my future and where it lies (not that I am thinking of moving on in the immediate or near future for anyone reading this locally). I have been in my current post for almost 3 years, in full time youth/youth and children’s work for almost 8 years and involved in youth work on some level since I was a youth myself of 15. I feel very strongly called to youth work, evangelism and to the rural church, an area so often neglected in so many respects. So this morning I was meeting with someone to discus my vision and ideas, beginning the process of trying to establish in my own mind where and how I feel the Lord is calling me to continue in His service. It is so great to be able to meet with people and just thrash some of these things out, the meeting has given me a lot of food for thought and several people to make contact with as I continue to explore and seek Gods guidance. It is a very exciting time but also a worrying one as it is not just about me and my ministry but about my family the people that God has given me to journey through life with and support and how I do that but also how as a family we seek to follow Him and His call. Things are all very much in the early stages but I would ask that you pray for me and for us as we look to God and His guidance and I will endeavour to keep you informed of the things that are going on and give you more details when the timing is right.
God bless you and have a good weekend.

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