Stabilisers off

In the park with the kids at the weekend, Jonah wanted to take his new bike, so Zac took his bike and I (well actually my dad) took my micro bike. Some older children in the park were a bit bored and wanted to have a go on the micro bike which I let them then Zac said he wanted ago, we pointed out to him that a couple of months ago he had no stabilisers on his bike and he seemed to just not be ready yet, but he was determined so we let him have a go and he just got on and rode it!man on stilts We took him home and took the stabilisers off his bike and after a couple of pointers about starting and stopping he was riding up and down the car park at the end of our road on his own. It was great to see and his balance is fantastic but amazing how he just did it. Hopefully later this summer I might be able to get him to have a go on the proper stilts!

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