Keeping with Tradition

As seems to be tradition on these occasions (well hobnob (youthblog) and The Good DR have done anyway) I thought I should do a list of facts about myself, one for each year of my life so far, so here goes for my 21:-
1. Although thinking of myself as a Norfolk Boy I was actually born in Bristol.
2. My first car was a blue Austin Maestro.
3. I had a pony tail almost down to my waist for 10 years.
4. Gill and I spent our first Christmas on Honeymoon (having got married 20th December).
5. This year will be our 10th Anniversary.
6. When growing up we used to have a cat called pusca.
7. Before being called to ministry (and yes Christian Youth work is a REAL ministry) I worked in the photographic trade, ran my own part time business and wanted to become a full time photographer.
8. I have 1 younger brother.
9. Of my generation for both my parents I am the oldest of all the cousins.
10. I collect Red Telephone boxes.
11. Gill is going to take me out to Saddlers (the best coffee shop in town) for lunch.
12. The first time I went abroad was to Guatemala.
13. I used to cycle around 100 miles a week (I now do about 10 a year).
14. I got my ear pierced as a thank you gift from a friend 13 or so years ago.
15. I have two children’s books I am trying to write (and several more ideas).
16. My nickname at school was squaksy (I still don’t know why nor am I sure it was a good name).
17. When I was a toddler I had really curly blond hair.
18. I was on the first year to do the PIA course (no longer running but the foundation for a couple of courses now run) at Moorlands Collage.
19. Moorlands is where Gill and I met.
20. I want to go back to Zambia and take the family.
21. I’m not really 21
22. I have both of Dave walkers Calendars hanging up by my desk.
23. I am the only stilt walker I know that is afraid of heights.
24. I spent Monday on a balloon twisting day (and learnt several new models).
25. I am a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.
26. I own 6 different domain names (although one is for sale if anybody in interested in please email me with an offer!)
27. I started doing youth work as a volunteer when still a teenage myself aged 15.
28. Yesterday I broke the blog trying to update to wordpress 2.2 and have had to resort to the older version (I might try again some stage so may well break it again!)
29. One of my dream cars would be Land Rover Defender 110.
30. I had a Stomach Ulcer 10 years ago which means I have to be careful what I eat and drink or else it still causes me problems.
31. I have the original ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ on Vinyl
32. I have been the singer in 4 bands in the past and really miss the whole gigging experience.
33. I am a would be gadget addict (but I can’t afford to feed it)
34. This is my real age!

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