So far I have only seen two of the Nooma DVD’s, the first one ‘Rain’, about a year ago and the second one ‘Rich’ last night, both with my youth group. I have been very impressed with both and last nights was very challenging. If you haven’t seen or used any of them yet then I highly recommend them, I am going to try and use them a little more regularly than once a year I think now. They are superbly done and really do make you think, even though Rich was very American in some respects it still translated and although we don’t have the ‘God Bless America’ bumper stickers (although one girl in the group is now trying to convince her parents to get one!) it still translated really easily.
The only down side is the cost, they have come down since I brought the first one when most of them were around £12 now you can get the for about £9.50 but for a small group that is quite a lot of money especially when you consider in the US they are $10 which is about £5. The discs are multi region so it’s not like they have to be repressed for over here or anything it’s just part of the whole rip off Britain that we live in, I was reading about a piece of software the other day that was $180 in America or £185 over here for exactly the same box, it’s bad enough when secular society wants to rip us off like that but why the difference within the Christian community?

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  • June 29, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    Completely agree. on so many things we get ripped off in comparison with other countries, even ‘locally’ within Europe, and there is no real reason for it to happen apart from companies seemingly agreeing prices together so that there is no real competition.

  • July 1, 2007 at 9:30 am

    Quite agree with you, and with Chris’ comment. There is a series of Christian kids DVDs (only been out on DVD a short while, used just to be video) and they cost £9.99 each for one 30 minute story. Some of these have been out for years and yet they still haven’t combined them onto a best of or anything. They brought out a new full-length one a while back (Jonah) which we got on a half-price deal (available for one month I think) so that was quite a good price but I think the others are a rip-off. Christian companies need to take note, they’d make more profit if these things were priced fairly as more people would buy more… and spread the word!


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