Car trouble

Last night I was taking the youth club bowling, about half way down the road a warning light comes on on the dash board and the engine cuts out. Pull over to side (on busy single carriageway A road) and try to restart it, no joy. I had to call out the breakdown service, we managed to get the young people onto bowling with my other leader and the help of her father who lived locally and some of them then had to get a taxi home. So I was towed home after a roadside repair was clearly not going to happen. This morning I booked the car into local main dealer and arranged to get the car towed into them. They were going to look at it on Monday, I am of course beginning to think this looks like an expensive problem. I just got a call from the garage they had some time and managed to have a look this afternoon, the car started first time no problems, the diagnostic machine says there is nothing wrong, so nothing has been done to a car that just died completely and now it is better? The garage are going to keep it in over the weekend and have a further look on Monday but at the moment all are scratching our heads. My biggest worry is that they don’t find anything, I get it back and it happened again. Thankfully we have some good friends who have lent us a car, and one that is beg enough to get us all in so at least we can still do all the things we were planning over the weekend. Tomorrow we are going over to some friends who live just outside Fairford where there is an air show on tomorrow so we will get to see all the red arrows etc, have a great time with friends and not have to pay £30 per head so tat will be good.
Have a good weekend and I shall try and sort out the rest of the talk from YB next week.

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