His strength in our weakness.

Had one of those situations at the weekend, I was preaching after coming back from Soul Survivor, the idea that I could reflect something of the theme and help to make it more relevant to those that had been there. The theme of Soul Survivor was ‘Into His Likeness’ I felt that something I had actually spoken on at Yellow Braces fitted this theme well and so was looking at the theme of ‘Love your Neighbour’. I had the talk worked out but after I had delivered it I just felt like I hadn’t really got it, I felt it had been weak and was disappointed with myself for not putting more work into it and coming out with something stronger. Do you ever get that feeling after preaching speaking? Anyway after the service several people spoke to me and several positive comments, some people picked up on points and how it spoke to them, I have also received an email from someone who was there talking about how helpful he found it. A great example I think of how when we can feel weakness Gods strength can come through, this is not the first time I have felt like this, felt disappointment with what I did but yet in response found that God did something in people.

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