A sad day for motor sport.

Although I have not followed closely for the last few years (largely as time has just not allowed so much) I used to be an avid follower of the (as was then) Lombard RAC Rally, the British leg of the world Rally series. During that time there were two main drivers I used to follow Malcolm Wilson, now director for the BP-Ford world Rally Team. The other Driver was Collin McRae who died this weekend in a helicopter accident. McRae was always fun to watch, he would drive his car right to the limits, which often meant sometimes past the limits often causing spectacular rolls and crashes which if at all possible caused nothing more that a slight delay although did of course sometimes mean the end of that particular rally. He became the first British world rally champion in 95 as well as the youngest ever world rally champion. In his interviews he always had a very likeable character and good sense of humour. Although retired from his rally career he is a great loss to both British and World motor sport. The helicopter that he was piloting crashed on Saturday afternoon and Colin, his 5 year old son Johny, Johny’s friend Ben aged 6 and family Friend Graeme all died. The families are in my thoughts and prayers at this time, to read more about Colin and the events of this weekend please click on the links below, the last one gives opportunity to leave tribute if you were a fan.
BBC Tributes
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BBC Colin’s Career in Photos
BBC Profile
BBC Scoltland Career profile
Official Colin McRae website

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