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Project inspire (click to find out more) is a project in a local Village of Fernham to help convert the church into a dual purpose building, both church and community centre, it is a village with very few facilities and a church that needed much work doing on it and it was felt that it would be good to make it a building that could be used for the whole community, it will be a place of Christian worship but also a place where young can have a youth club, the elderly can do what they do? This is a very important project and is really about putting the church back at the centre of the community, it being a place that can be used as it would have been when it was first built hundreds of years ago. Of course a project like this costs thousands of pounds, but you can help make a significant difference for just 10p! Today on the Peoples Millions Project Inspire is up for a grant of around £80,000 but they only get it if people vote for it. The phone lines are open this evening although specific times won’t be announced until the 6 o’clock local ITV news. Please, please, please would you call 08702 433 202 to vote for this project, it is one of the villages that I cover (although I don’t actually run anything there at the moment) and it would make a huge difference to this church and the great work which it’s already doing in the community. Calls cost a maximum of 10p and you can call up to 10 times from any one number, so please call as many times as possible, from as many lines as possible, and get your friends and family on it too!

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Update: below is a video of the making of the promotional video for the ITV program tonight.

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