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Where do you go, and who do you talk to when you are thinking about your future, your career or ministry etc, the big decisions?

As most of you have probably worked out by now these are the kind of questions going round in my mind at the moment.

The other evening we were round at some friends, sitting around chatting, eating while the kids were playing upstairs (we had fed them as well!) and we had a Wii going with a brain quiz kind of thing on. One of the things you could do on this game was a series of personal tests and it would give you some interpretations as to your strengths and weaknesses etc and then give you an ideal career. All a bit of fun and those that had done it some of the results were quite funny. So I had a go and the conclusion was I should be a photographer, now I have to admit there have been times when this idea has crossed my mind recently so it seemed rather bizarre that this is what the Wii also suggested. However I’m not sure this is where God is calling and as tempting a proposition as it may be in some respects I believe the calling from above should probably take a higher priority than a Wii but it did make me laugh.

2 thoughts on “Careers advice

  • January 8, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    Hi my Dear
    Glad you have camera – I look forward to seeing some photos.
    I tried wii at Christmas-I seem to be a virtual golfer! You are in our thoughts and prayers-if you want a sounding board you know where we are. God Bless

  • February 22, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    Hah, I did laugh at this one! Well, there are many ways to get a message through… a WII isn’t such a silly idea! (especially when you consider that others have got messages via pieces of partly burnt toast.)

    You should talk to David about photography. He has often thought about doing it on the side, but as you know – there aren’t enough hours in the day with kids in tow!! Meantime we just take a month to get our photos processed from raw image to usable pictures, so perhaps it is just a bit too optimistic!!

    Sounds like a nice camera..


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