I seem to be having a few more technical difficulties at the moment, these only effect (as far as I know I would be keen to hear from anyone who can test on a mac)  Internet Explorer and Opera, in either of these browsers the right hand column seems to be missing and you only get a couple of posts (I don’t know what impact this post will have on that). If you switch to another page it works and you can then go to the archive, it is only the home page that has the problem, the other way to solve it and and even better idea would be to use Firefox! I will continue trying to fix this problem though.

One thought on “Problems

  • February 8, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    All works fine In Firefox on a Mac.
    In Safari or Opera you get no right column and only 3 posts, but all comes right once you select a post.

    Web standards eh…?!


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