Eating healthily is bad for you!

Well maybe that is stretching the point a little but hey. I think many of us that work with children and young people and perhaps more specifically those of us that are parents of young children have felt that the whole healthy eating thing was going too far the other way. Yes it is important that we all eat healthily no mater what our age, but part of healthy has to mean balanced and for many children balanced also means a certain amount of fat etc, well a recent report by East Sussex Trading Standards have finally done some research and shown that many Child Care centres due to a lack of help and information are underfeeding children and giving them too much fruit. Read the full report here.

Now next (in my opinion) is the obsession with cleanliness, I’m sure that we now insist on everything being so clean that our (and more specifically our children) are not building up the immune systems we used to have but that’s another argument.

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