Where in the world?

Not PC world, that’s for sure!

A local minister came to see me the other day having problems with his laptop, it only had one USB port and it had stopped working. He went along to PC world who said it would have to be sent back to the manufacturer for a new motherboard at a cost of £200, for a laptop that had been brought 2 years ago second hand for £200 this seemed a little steep.

After a quick look at the machine and then hunt online we had a 4 part USB card that would work with his machine ordered for £8 including delivery. The crazy thing is PC world would have sold the same device, probably for a bit more cash but they could have made a sale and had a very happy customer, my guess is they were hoping with a quote of £200 he would look at buying a new PC, in the end they lost out completely! Want PC advice, avoid PC world!

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