Great Software

Last week I received an email, nothing unusual about it at all, it had an agenda for a meeting I was asked to attend attached yet there was a great point about this that I felt I should share. You see the email and even the attachment were nothing strange or to write about but the agenda had been produced using Microsoft Word 2007, again nothing unusual the interesting part came from the fact that I am using office 2003, trying to open the attachment brought up a request from Microsoft to download a reader extension so that my version of word could read the file. However trying to install the extension (twice) it crashed and would not complete. In the end I only had one way to read a file produced in Word for office 2008, I had to transfer the file across to another computer, not running a later version of office but a linux machine running open office. I just think there is a certain sense of irony in the idea that to read a file produced in a Microsoft package rather than reading it on the computer that uses all Microsoft software I have to read it on one running completely on competitors programmes. I love it!

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