The sex talk

Earlier this week I was visiting one of the youth groups in the area that I go along to once a month, on this occasion I had been asked if I could do something on the big S word. This is not a problem as it is something I have talked to youth groups about several times before. One of the things I do to get the ball rolling is I get a selection of lads and girls ‘general interest’ magazines ( I think the idea came from youth work magazine some years ago) and I get the to look at the front cover and later the adverts looking at how sex is used to sell both the magazine and many of the products advertised inside. With it being two or three years since I have done this session it was time to go and get some new magazine and I have to say I was quite shocked, I found it very difficult to find a lads mag that I felt I could even show the front cover of to a group of young people, I did get one (where as I would have got two or three) but then I wouldn’t let them open it. What is the world coming to when I go to speak to a youth group about sex and the only thing I find particularly embarrassing is looking at a couple of current youth aimed publications to help the discussion. Of course it doesn’t help when I live and work in a small market town and I go to the local news agent to buy these magazines as well!

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  • January 22, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    How life moves on, I wonder what they put in the Beano these days! Nevertheless keep up the good work, how did they feel about the magazines and your reaction? Are you now a prudish fuddy duddy or did they understand where you were coming from?


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