a quick update and question about Music.

It just hasn’t made it onto here yet!
Just over a week ago Gill and I went to look round our first Collage, St Johns in Nottingham, the collage had a really good welcome and we were made to feel very comfortable and happy during our visit, it was also good to catch up with some old friends who are currently studying there. I have got to sort out going to look at a couple of other places before making a decision (all of course assuming I get accepted for training anyway!)
Last week I was away for two days a Depth a retreat for youth and children’s workers from the Oxford diocese. We had led sessions looking at leadership and time to reflect and discuss the issues raised. It was a very beneficial couple of days on so many levels.
On top of all that of course has been the wonderful snow, a chance to go sledging and build snowmen with the kids which was great. On the down side though it did mean I missed my monthly visit to one of the youth groups which was a real shame.
A question to finish which came up at the retreat when we were having a bit of fun:-
We were talking about what songs you could have on a list of inappropriate for a part of youth and children’s workers, so what would be on your list?

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  • February 26, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    Hello – I googled the phrase ‘first visit to DDO’ (because I go tomorrow morning and was looking for some encouragement before I go to bed) and up came your blog. I hit your home button to read your latest post about St Johns. I’m currently there as an independent student. It’s a fantastic place. All the best for April. I’ll keep up with your blog, so there’s an extra reason for you to keep up with it! Small world!
    God bless


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